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Welcome to Disabled Travel

Please join me in the discussions about traveling for the disabled- tips, stories, problems and solutions. Post your suggestions and what you’ve found that works. Tell us about where you’ve been-the good, the bad and the ugly.


Who am I? I’m Roger Strahan, writer, appraiser, photographer/videographer, and traveler. I’ve been disabled for several years, chasing life as fast as I can in my scooter and Jazzy chair. I’ve found that the disabled are routinely ignored by travel agents, tour providers, hotels, cruise lines, and other providers. So, along with my wife, I’ve built this site to help those navigate the world while being disabled. There’s no need to sit at home. Get up, get out. Enjoy life. Just because you’re in a chair is no reason to be stuck in your home. It’ll drive you crazy staring at the four walls. 


I’ll spout off and you’re more than welcome to disagree. Just keep it civil, that’s all I ask. So, welcome aboard.

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